Adršpach Rock Labyrinth (Adršpašské skalní město)

The Adršpach Rock Labyrinth has been known since the 18th century. In 1790, it was visited by German poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe. The labyrinth consists of many isolated rocks, spires and   several hundreds of other formations. "The Lovers" (Milenci) is a rock formation that is 85 metres high and it ranks, along with "the Mayor" (Starosta) and "Mayor's Wife" (Starostová) to the most impressive rock formation of its kind in Czech sandstone rock areas. The marked loop is 3.5 km long. It starts at the Adršpach railway station and there is a fee to be paid at the entrance. It is an outstanding tourist destination that is unrivalled in the Czech Republic. Like in all rock labyrinths, it is recommended not to see the Adršpach Rocks during the high season, when the labyrinth is crowded with tourists.

Part of the loop is also a short boat trip on the Adršpach Rock Lake. If you ask the boat guide (or the ferryman) to stop at the end of the lake and to let you disembark, you will get to the Wolf's Gorge (Vlčí rokle) through which you can walk to the other part of the Labyrinth, that is to the Teplice Rock Labyrinth (Teplické skály). The so-called Big Waterfall falling down to a rock ravine is artificially regulated. The nearby Adršpach Castle (hrad Adršpach) and Cross Hill (Křížový vrch) with a Calvary are accessible along steep marked trails and offer impressive views of the towers and spires of the rock labyrinths as well as of the distant Krkonoše Mountains.

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