Adršpach Rocks

Adšpašské skály

The loop through the Adršpach Rocks is approx. 4 km long. It begins at the entrance near the Lake which is a remnant of a former sandpit. The green-marked loop then continues to the Small Waterfall (Malý vodopád). From here, yo can follow the yellow-marked trail which will lead you upstairs, through a narrow gap to the Big Waterfall (Velký vodopád) and to the Rock Lake (Jezírko) where you can take a short boat trip (from April to October – weather permitting) with a narration. From the Rock Lake, you can return back to the Small Waterfall and continue following the green-marked trail again through the so-called "New Scenery" (Nová partie) with numerous overlooks and past the most famous rock formations such as "The Lovers" (Milenci), "Mayor" (Starosta), "Mayor's Wife" (Starostová) and many others. Immediately after you get out of the rock labyrinth, you will come to a place called "the Echo" (Ozvěna). From there, continue along the edge of the labyrinth back to the entrance. The loop is accessible year-round – in summer with no limitation, in winter it ends at the big Waterfall.

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Adršpach Rocks
Dolní Adršpach
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