Teplice Rocks (Teplické skály)

From a climbing point of view Teplice Rocks are completely different to the rocks in neighbouring Adršpach. The great majority of climbs are walls, although you can also find plenty of sweet crack routes. The central part of Teplice Rocks is spread around the tour circuit and includes Wolf Gorge, which connects the Teplice and Adršpach rock town. The most famous circuit in Teplice is undoubtedly the Barrier, a massive rampart of walls running from the Rock Crown south to the Temple and Martin walls. The most recent climbing guide to the central part of Teplice Rocks (part 1, Publisher JUKO 2017) describes 458 climbs. This is far fewer than in Adršpach Rocks, although the average number of ascents per tower is higher in Teplice Rocks than it is in Adršpach. The guide describes 40 routes and 7 variations to the top of Temple Walls, for example.

Adršpach-Teplice Rocks were declared a reserve in 1933, and currently cover an area of 1,803.43 ha. There are strict rules in place not only for tourists, but also for climbers.

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Teplice Rocks (Teplické skály)
Teplické skály

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