Bohemian Paradise rock labyrinths

Hruboskalsko a Prachovské Rocks – two sandstone rock labyrinths, which can not be missed by any toutists visitng the region. But there are altogether 16 sandstone rock locations in Bohemian Paradise – surprisingly a large number in a region with area 1400 km2.

One of the most famous rock formation locations is Hruboskalsko, known for its impressive rock towers, reaching up to 55 metres high, as well as its romantic valleys. Prachovské skály Rocks lie in the easternmost corner of Bohemian Paradise. Near the town of Sobotka lies Plakánek Valley, where visitors can admire its majestic beauty next to the well preserved gothic Kost Castle.

Maloskalsko in the north is a true jewel of Bohemian Paradise. The distinct Vranovský Ridge and Suché skály Rocks are what is left of a huge earth block that was thrust out of the Earth when the Alpine-Carpathian tectonic plates collided. The narrow rock block on the right bank of the Jizera River served as foundations for the Vranov and Frýdštejn fortresses in the middle ages. The rocks near Besedice, together with the Kalich and Chléviště rock mazes, offer spectacular views over the entire valley. Another tourist attraction is the group of Borecké skály Rocks near Rovensko pod Troskami. You can enter the Klokočské and Betlémské skály Rocks either by taking a path past the romantic Rotštejn Castle or through the unique Klokočské průchody Passages. Drábské světničky is one of the most popular destinations in the southeast. Together with the Příhrazské skály Rocks, they constitute part of the Žehrov tectonic block, which is characterised by the distinct Mužský basalt hill.

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