Broumov Monastery (Broumovský klášter)

The Abbey is a noble and imposing complex whose current appearance is a result of its baroque reconstruction mostly according to K. I. Dientzenhofer's designs in 1726 to 1748. The St. Wenceslas Monastery (klášter sv. Václava) with the St. Vojtěch Church (kostel sv. Vojtěcha) stand in the north eastern part of the town on the highest point of a rock promontory. The main buildings of the Monastery are connected with the former monastery school dating back to 1711 with adjacent farm buildings. In the northern part of the complex, a bridge across the former moat between the Monastery and Monastery garden was built in 1705.

Visitors to the Monastery can see a copy of the so-called "Shroud of Turin" found in 1999 in the St. Vojtěch Monastery Church above the Holy Cross Chapel. The Shroud of Turin was accompanied by a scroll from which it is obvious that the Shroud was given to the Abbot at St. Nicolas in the Old Town of Prague (Mathyas Ferdinand Sobek of Bilenberg - later Papal archbishop) by Julius Caesar Bergina - Archbishop in Turin in 1651.

The vast underground vaults under the Monastery contain 34 mummies originating from the crypt of the St. Prokop Parish Church in the town of Vamberk.

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