Broumov Walls (Broumovské stěny)

The long ridge of the Walls runs from Honský Špičák southeast as far as Lopota by the Machov Cross (Machovský kříž), where, after a slight gap, it meets the sandstone rocks of the Polish table mountains. Although it is only 11 km between these two points as the crow flies, you’ll find hundreds of towers here. The ridge of the Walls is notched with a number of often mostly inaccessible ravines with climbing destinations dotted around amongst them. Throughout the whole of Broumov Walls it is necessary to comply with any and all restrictions imposed by the Broumovsko Protected Landscape Area. Some circuits tend to be closed for climbers all year round. The most well-known and popular areas include Smith’s Gorge (Kovářova rokle) above Hlavňov, Třešňová and Zaječí Gorge (accessed from Martínkovice or Slavný), as well as the rocks at Božanovský Špičák and around the Junácká viewpoint (Junácká vyhlídka), which is best reached by the tougher ascent from Božanov or from Machov.

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Broumov Walls (Broumovské stěny)
Broumovské stěny,

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