Broumov Walls (Broumovské stěny) and Vicinity

The national nature reserve of Broumov Walls contains many magical places well worth a visit at any time of the year. The walls rise towards the southwest from the valley of the Stěnava River. From a landscape point of view, this is a distinctive asymmetrical mountain ridge from which there rise a number of sandstone rock formations riddled with lots of gorges. Most of the Broumov Walls area can be reached via a dense network of marked footpaths, which allow for a relatively easy walk through this otherwise difficult terrain.

Smith’s Gorge, wreathed in legend, is one of the most famous places here. Running through it there is a marked footpath from Police nad Metují past Hvězda to Broumov.

Interesting attractions of the Broumov Walls include the numerous rock mushrooms around Slavný and Božanovský Špičák. These are an example of the selective weathering of the sandstone rocks.

Hvězda is an important footpath crossroads. It offers a beautiful view of the Broumov Basin and the surrounding Czech and Polish mountains. The Baroque Chapel of Saint Mary Major, built according to plans by Kilián Ignác Dientzehofer in 1723–33, can be found here. Since 1856 a Swiss-style tourist lodge has stood on this picturesque rocky hill with its chapel – an excellent place to enjoy some refreshments.

Numerous other viewpoints (e.g. Božanovský Špičák, Koruna, Supí hnízdo) provide views not only of the nearby rocky terrain and other places around Policko and Broumovsko, but also of the characteristic ridges of the Giant Mountains, the Owl Mountains, the Eagle Mountains and the Bystrzyckie Mountains and across Poland as far as the distant Králický Sněžník and the Jeseníky. The southeastern part of the Walls is most easily reached from Machov or Božanov. This is the region of Božanovský Špičák (773 m a.s.l. – the highest peak of Broumov Walls) with its marked walking circuit, Junácká viewpoint and the Labyrinth.

The Stone Gate is a unique sandstone formation. You can visit it during a trip to the nearby Koruna hill, which offers one of the most spectacular views.

To the southeast, after a short gap, the Broumov Walls meet the table mountains of Poland.

The best starting points for walks around the Broumov Walls are Křinice, Božanov, Machov, Slavný and Hlavňov.

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Broumov Walls (Broumovské stěny) and Vicinity
Broumovské stěny

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