Brtníky icefalls

These beautiful icefalls in the sandstone walls and overhangs of the dark gorges of the back regions of Bohemian Switzerland form during the cold winters with heavy snow cover. They are at their largest at the end of winter. The most interesting can be found along the blue route, which runs through the Vlčí potok gorge with turn-offs to the icefalls, which are signposted in winter.

The second half of the circular trail rises steeply up to Brtníky castle, the Curtain icefall and past the former Šternberk mansion to the Ospalý jezevec crossroads, back to the start. Including diversions, this circuit is 8.5 km and in harsh winter conditions you should count on needing 3.5–4 hours to fully enjoy the atmosphere.

Approaches to the circuit:

1, following the yellow markers from Vlčí Hora village (bus stop from Varnsdorf and Krásná Lípa, runs every day) 2 km and 2 km back the same way, i.e. the entire trip is approximately 12.5 km.

2, from the Brtníky train station (train only runs on Saturdays and Sundays – from Děčín and Bad Schandau, every 2 hours, change at Mikulášovice dolní nádraží; from Rumburk every 2 hours and from Krásná Lípa just 2 links) following the red markers to Brtníky and then the green, and then back, i.e. another 1 + 1 km. The entire trip is thus 10.5 km.

As the ground is often icy and slippery, special care should be taken.

We recommend that you leave your car in Krásná Lípa and take the bus or train. The road by Vlčí Hora is packed with parked cars, particularly at weekends, and is very unsafe for pedestrians and traffic.

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Brtníky icefalls

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