Česká Kamenice

A town situated on the boundary between the Bohemian Central Mountains and the Lusatian Mountains, in the valley of the river Kamenice. If you like quiet, picturesque little towns with history and culture or the chance to view the landscape from on high, Česká Kamenice is the right place for a trip. As it is one of the best preserved historical town centres in northern Bohemia, in 1992 an Urban Conservation Area was declared in Česká Kamenice. Back then it consisted of 32 cultural monuments. However, the number of monuments is constantly increasing, as the town puts a lot of effort and expense into caring for its cultural heritage, which can be seen in the fact it was declared Historical Town of the Year 2005 for its preparation and implementation of the Urban Conservation Area Regeneration Programme. The town is the meeting point for three protected landscape areas (Labské pískovce Protected Landscape Area, the Lusatian Mountains and the Bohemian Central Mountains). Nearby there are plenty of geologically interesting hills with breath-taking views which are definitely worth the hike up.

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Česká Kamenice
Česká Kamenice 407 21

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