Czech Switzerland (České Švýcarsko)

A rugged countryside rock spires, ravines , gorges and buttes divided by an unique Elbe River canyon - the largest sandstone canyon in Europe between the towns of Děčín with its castle and steep Shepherd's Rock (Pastýřská skála) which is a gateway into the rock area and Pirna (Germany). As early as second half of the 18th century, the fascinating rocky landscape was discovered by artists who worked at the Saxon king's court in Dresden (Saxon Switzerland). At around the middle of the 19th century at the Kinsky Family demesne, the name of Czech Switzerland was used for the first time.

The really mountain character of the Tiské Walls (Tiské stěny) and of the Dečínský Sněžník plateau (600 to 726 m above sea level) resemble the nearby Krušné Hory Mountains . The Walls in the Elbe River Canyon, in the Kamenice River Gorges (Soutěsky Kamenice), particularly in the Edmundova and Divoká Gorges as well as Pravčická Brána - a huge sandstone rock arch with the Wing Wall (Křídelní stěna) rank among the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

The rock overlooks near the village of Jetřichovice offer quite different vistas of lonely woods and rocks of the Czech Switzerland's (České Švýcarsko) backcountry and are connected with the Lužické Hory Mountains  with Studenec, Zlatý Vrch (black basalt columns with the highest elevation in the Czech Republic) and Jedlová.

The Kyjov Valley (Kyjovské údolí) with its rock trail, mysterious icefalls on the Wolf Creek (Vlčí potok) and small, desolated rock forts is an ideal place for those who seek solitude. The lonely trails and pathways will lead you to lookout towers on Vlčí Hora and Tanečnice or to the Křinice Gorge (soutěska Křinice) in the probably most beautiful spot of the Czech-German border.  Along these trails that continue to the charming Šluknov area, you can admire old-time half-timbered cottages and farmhouses resembling the past connection between the northernmost part of the Czech Republic and the neighbouring Upper Lusatia (Horní Lužice, Oberlausitz) in Germany. The Czech Switzerland - a countryside full of mystery is yours to discover.

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