Děčín Castle (Zámek Děčín)

The Děčín Castle located on a rock promontory above the confluence of the Elbe and Ploučnice Rivers ranks among the most important sites of historical interest in northern Bohemia. In previous centuries, the castle served as a base for a Czech prince, as a fortress or as a residence for several prominent families. The history of the Děčín Castle dates back to the 10th century when it was just a wooden fortification serving as a point of administration of the Děčín Province. In the past, the castle was rebuilt several times. Two of the most important reconstructions took place in 1628 and in 1932 carried out by  the count's family of Thun-Hohenstein. These two reconstructions of the Děčín demesne resulted in its present state. However, in 1932 the family sold the castle to the Czechoslovak government which converted it to barracks. In the years to follow, the barracks were home to the Czechoslovak Army, German Army and, in 1968 to 1991 also to the Soviet Army. In 1991, the Děčín Castle became property of the town of Děčín. In the past, the Castle was visited by a string of prominent personalities including both European monarchs and artists. For example, Fryderik Chopin composed here his A flat major waltz also known as "Děčín Waltz".  Thanks to its extensive reconstruction, the Castle is, step by step, becoming as beautiful as it was in the past. Visitors to the Castle can choose from three conducted tours, enjoy a breathtaking view of the town or let themselves enchanted by the unique atmosphere of the Rose Garden.

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Děčín Castle (Zámek Děčín)
Dlouhá jízda 1254, 405 02 Děčín 1
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