Drábské světničky

This group of seven massive sandstone blocks is situated 4 km to the northeast of Mnichovo Hradiště, in the Mužský massif at Příhrazské skály.

Built on the site of older fortifications in the early 15th century was a castle, mostly made of wood. It was probably a stronghold for the Hussite troops by the important route along the Jizera to Lusatia. The rocks were interconnected by wooden bridges and walkways and stone and wooden staircases. The perfect defensive system was accompanied by living areas, known as the oratory, pulpit and guard house. The only protected access was from the Women’s Gate cliff to the south. After the Battle of Lipany the castle was abandoned and gradually fell into disrepair. With its defences it remained a frequent refuge during the Thirty Years’ War and World War Two.

Nowadays Drábské světničky is open to the public and offers a beautiful view of the Jizera region. A model of the former castle can be seen in the museum in Mnichovo Hradiště Chateau.

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Drábské světničky
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