Dřevíček Mill

Visit the Milling Museum with its water sprite, bear and devils.

How is grain turned into flour? What can the machines used by our ancestors to make flour actually do? And where do the mill devils have their lair? You find all this out on a visit to Dřevíček Mill.

This mill in Horní Dřevíč is situated on the boundary between Hronov and Stárkov. Children and adults can see how flour was milled from in the first half of the 20th century. The mill still contains all the mill equipment, which was fully functional before 1940. Visitors to the mill can learn about the whole process from grinding the grain from the farmers through to when the flour was dispensed. They can discover what the pocket lifts, grinding stool, peeler, reform and other equipment was used for. And then the mill starts up, driven by the power of the water: all the shafts and pulleys turn, and the strong leather belts get everything in the mill moving.

Technology lovers will be in their element, and can admire how such apparently simple machinery can change grain into flour. The ground floor of the mill also houses an exhibition of the machines and equipment needed to make bread or rolls – again, everything used 70–80 years ago.

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Dřevíček Mill
Horní Dřevíč čp. 3, 549 31 Hronov
Tel.: +420 739 049 450, +420 491 487 136

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