Dymník lookout tower

This lookout tower is situated at a height of 511 m a.s.l. on a forested hill, is 15 m high and is topped with a glazed viewing terrace. Back in 1895 a tourist restaurant stood on Dymník hill. In the 1990s the lookout tower underwent extensive reconstruction, and again in 2008.

The entrepreneur Augustin Wenschuch had the tower built at his own expense in 1896. It was opened to the public on 27 September 1896. It used to be called the Augustus Tower. The lookout tower can easily be reached along the road with the yellow tourist markers from Rumburk; from the car park with the restaurant below the castle the remaining 300 metres are marked with blue signs.

From the top there is a good view of the Lusatian Mountains, while in clear weather you can see as far as the Krkonoše, the Jizera Mountains, Ještěd. To the southwest in the Bohemian Central Mountains you can see Sedlo and Milešovka, with Děčínský Sněžník and the Ore Mountains to the west, and Bieleboh and Czorneboh in Saxony to the north.

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Dymník lookout tower

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