Folk architecture in Broumovsko

Colonists came to Teplicko and the Broumov Basin from the mid-13th century mostly from Thuringia, bring with them a specific type of farmhouse known as the “Franconian farmstead“. The villages all over the Broumovsko region are of the colonisation type and style, rising up along the streams at the foot of the hills and forests.

The Classicist farmstead is a type of architecture specific to the Broumovsko region. The rural Classicist house was the result of the Classicist development and reconstruction of the town of Broumov. This style of architecture began to appear in rural areas from the 1820s, particularly in 1850–1870.

The decoration on the facades here is the same on the residential and farm buildings. Details are moulded into the stucco and the facades are divided up by lesenes, cornices, blind arcades and pilasters. The gables facing the road feature plaques commemorating the date the farm was founded, stone reliefs of saints and statues of popular saints set into niches. The Classicist pilasters in the gable are usually topped with capitals.

The buildings are characterised by their entrance portals set into arched niches. On the sides there are niches containing seats carved from sandstone. The keystones of the entrances are mostly dated and marked with the monogram of the owner and the house number. One characteristic feature of these buildings is the dog kennel, lined with sandstone panels with the relief decor of a little house. The plasterwork on the buildings is colourful, most often two-tone - yellow and white. The stylish Classicist entrance doors to the buildings are also coloured. The barns and stables were part of the dwelling. The granaries and barns were built around a yard, often also with a life tenancy, which sometimes included a granary. The cellars were sometimes outside the house, although more often part of the building.

The entrance gates to the farms sometimes comprise drive-through life tenancy buildings; elsewhere they are separate. In rare cases they are decorated with lavish sculpture work.

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Folk architecture in Broumovsko

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