Hejšovina and Bor (Szczeliniec and Skalniak)

In the southeast the Broumovské Stěny ridge connects to the massifs of the mighty table mountains in Poland. Looming above of the village of Karlów on one side are Velká and Malá Hejšovina and the Bor ridge on the other, with steep rocky slopes falling down on the Czech side. On the top of Bor you can go through a bizarre rock labyrinth with viewpoints overlooking Policko and the Krkonoše Mountains. You can drive to the circuit, or walk the fairly long route from Karlów. The climb up the steep steps to Velká Hejšovina is quite difficult. Once there, you’ll find another rock town with a series of narrow passages between variously shaped rock formations. The edges of the massif offer views far and wide on all sides.

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Hejšovina and Bor (Szczeliniec and Skalniak)

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