Hotel Skalní mlýn

This refurbished 18th-century historical building offers a refuge for anyone longing for the freedom of a refreshing rest in the mysterious natural heart of Adršpach Rocks.

Our philosophy

Some people head for a resort in the Maldives, others to a little town in Tuscany, where time seems to have stood still, while there are those who prefer the Victoria Falls or a bistro on a Parisian boulevard. During my childhood and teenage years I enjoyed getting out of Prague to visit Broumovsko and the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks. We want to give you, our guests, the chance to do the same. If you’re from Bohemia or one of the nearby regions, you don’t need an air ticket, complicated plans or a gold credit card. Just a full tank of gas or a train ticket is enough. In just a few hours you’re here and can measure yourself "against the seeming omnipotence of nature" (Immanuel Kant) from the safety of our hotel. You can stay in one of the stylishly furnished rooms in our 18th-century historical mill building. In our hotel restaurant you can enjoy a glass of Veuve Cliquot or whatever takes your fancy. There’s no need to put on airs while staying with us. From our menu you can choose goulash or blini with caviar, Krkonoše potato soup or roast lamb with juniper. In the morning enjoy some pastries from the local Kvíčerov bakery and then head off for a wander around the rocks. You can either walk or take a bike ride, following the trail that runs right past our hotel. In the winter you can go cross-country or downhill skiing at Teplice nad Metují, or take a trip to the magical region of the Broumov promontory. We’ll be happy to give you tips and advice on where to go. We look forward to seeing you.

Karel Čermák
statutory director of Skalní mlýn a.s., investor

What we offer

Stylishly furnished rooms.

Pleasant hotel restaurant.

Unique and gorgeous surroundings.

Hiking and cycling trails right by the hotel.

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Hotel Skalní mlýn
Dolní Adršpach 1, 549 57 Teplice nad Metují
Tel.: +420 727 839 160

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