Hřensko Gorges (Soutěsky Hřensko)

Hřensko Gorges (Soutěsky Hřensko) offer a romantic boat trips on the Kamenice River. The Edmundova Gorge (Edmundova soutěska) and the Wild Gorge (Divoká soutěska) are the most attractive parts of the whole system and, of course, of the Czech Switzerland NP (NP České Švýcarsko). The pathway or trail leading to the gorges itself is very romantic as well. Lined with rocks, it will lead you along the river, through rock tunnels and across bridges up to the starting point of the boat trips. The gorges are accessible only by boats and the trips can be made both down the river and up the river. The Edmundova Gorge (Edmundova soutěska or Tichá soutěska) is 960 metres long while the Wild Gorge (Divoká soutěska) is only 450metres long. The boat trip through the Edmundova Gorge (Edmundova soutěska) takes 20 minutes and through the Wild Gorge (Divoká soutěska) it takes 15 minutes. During the trip, the guide will inform you about the history of the gorges, tell you some local stories and describe the neighbouring rock formations. You can also buy some refreshments in a kiosk located between the gorges.

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Hřensko Gorges (Soutěsky Hřensko)

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