Hrubá Skála region (Hruboskalsko)

The Hrubá Skála region is one of the most famous rock towns and is characterised by its imposing towers, some of which reach a height of up to 55 metres, and its steep canyons.

The Bohemian Paradise Golden Trail leads along the ridge route following the red markers, and offers a number of viewpoints, such as Na Kapelu, U Lvíčka, and the Hlavatice lookout tower. Below the Marian viewpoint, which lies along the yellow trail, there is a symbolic graveyard for deceased climbers.

The actual rock town is situated to the northwest of the Bohemian Paradise Golden Trail. As the sandstone weathers easily and is worn by a number of factors, the rocks around feature a wealth of different shapes and forms. This is one reason why the Hrubá Skála region is so popular with climbers.

The area to the southwest of the Golden Trail is called Údolíčka. There you can see some beautiful examples of folk architecture at Kopicův statek with its nearby reliefs carved into the rocks.

The Hrubá Skála region also contains one of the oldest castles in the Bohemian Paradise – Valdštejn Castle, or visitors can get a good view of the countryside from the viewing tower at Hrubá Skála Chateau.

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Hrubá Skála region (Hruboskalsko)
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