Jetřichovické Overlooks (Jetřichovické vyhlídky)

The Czech Switzerland (České Švýcarsko) is a country of overlooks or vantage points. The best-known ones  are the Jetřichovické Overlooks (Jetřichovické vyhlídky) with poetic names such as Maria's Rock (Mariina skála), Vilemina's Wall (Vileminina stěna), Rudolph's Stone (Rudolfův kámen). All these three overlooks are named after members of the Kinský family which once owned the Česká Kamenice demesne.

Maria's Rock (Mariina skála - elev. 458 metres) - this overlook originally served as a fire watch point. It was made accessible to hikers by Ferdinand Kinský in 1856 and named after his wife Maria Anna Kinsky born as Princess of Lichtenstein. The wooden summerhouse located high in the rocks was destroyed by fire in September 2005 but it was rebuilt and made accessible again in 2007.

Vilemina's Wall (Vileminina stěna - elev. 442 metres) was formerly named as Black Wall (Černá stěna) but this name is almost forgotten today. The Wall was given its new name after Princess Vilemina Kinsky - Rudolph Kinsky's wife. It was made accessible in the middle of the 19th century. At that time, a wooden summerhouse in the form of hermitage was built there but it was destroyed long ago.

Rudolph's Stone (Rudolfův kámen - elev. 484 metres) also called "the Promontory" (Ostroh) or formerly "the High Stone" (Vysoký kámen) has been bearing its name after Prince Rudolph Kinsky since 1824 who visited this point at that time. Later, Kinsky got a shelter built there. This overlook offers a unique panoramic view of the rocky and rugged landscape of the Czech Switzerland's backcountry. Hikers can get there following a trail ended with a demanding stone-steps climb.

The smallest butte (table mountain) in the Saxon Switzerland but the most distinctive one as for its shape offers a unique 360-degree view. The access trail was built in 1842. Its name Zirkelstein (Circular Stone) reflects its characteristic shape. This name in the form of "Circkelstein" first appeared in 1592.

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Jetřichovické Overlooks (Jetřichovické vyhlídky)

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