Jinolice ponds

Not far from Jičín, to the northeast of Prachov Rocks by the village of Jinolice, the picturesque countryside is home to a group of three ponds – Oborský pond, Němeček pond and Vražda pond.

Oborský pond, covering an area of 11.4 ha, is the biggest and most popular. It has a sandy and grassy beach and a sandy bottom, making it ideal for swimming and various water sports. Swimming is also possible at Němeček pond, covering an area of 5.2 ha, particularly by the dam. By both ponds there are public campsites, car camps, chalets, changing rooms, showers, refreshment stalls and places to park.

The smallest of the ponds bears the mysterious name of Vražda (Murder) (2.1 ha). It is not used for recreation and has been declared a natural monument. Jinolice ponds are a popular attraction for visitors to the Bohemian Paradise and the surrounding area.

Other amenities and services: hire centres for bikes, balls, badminton and sports equipment

Position: below Prachov Rocks, some 5 km from Jičín.

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Jinolice ponds
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