Klokočské skály (Klokočí rocks)

To the south of Malá Skála lies the nature reserve of Klokočí skály. This is a continuous rock wall made of Palaeozoic sandstone some 60 metres thick, with numerous caves.

The plateau above the village of Klokočí ends in a steep rock face. The rock wall is some 1.600 m long, in places broken up into isolated rock towers and clefts (Klokočí Passages). A number of caves have formed in the rock wall. The largest underground area is Postojná - Amerika Cave in Zelený důl, the biggest pseudokarst cave in the Bohemian Paradise, which was settled by people of the Lusatian culture.

From the rock wall there are beautiful views of the northern and southeastern parts of the Bohemian Paradise. To the southeast of Klokočí skály Rocks lies the ruins of Rotštejn Castle.

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Klokočské skály (Klokočí rocks)
Klokočí, 511 01

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