Königstein Fortress (Pevnost Königstein, Festung Königstein)

The Königstein Fortress towers high above the Elbe River only 13 kilometres from the Czech-German border. In the early Middle Ages, the fortress built on this large butte (table mountain) belonged to the Czech Kingdom. The Königstein Fortress whose area is 9.5 hectares is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Saxony. Located in the middle of the bizarre Saxon Switzerland landscape, the fortress is comfortably accessible by two lifts not far away from a large parking lot. The fortress 247 metres above the Elbe River includes more than 50 various buildings and structures bearing witness to past centuries, such as the oldest preserved barracks in Germany (1589 / 90), the first garrison church in Saxony (1676) and the deepest well in Saxony (152.5 metres). The route along the fortifications is 1.7 km long and offers breathtaking views of the Elbe River Valley, Saxon Switzerland and of east foothills of the Krušné Hory Mountains (Erzgebirge). Seeing the Königstein Fortress takes at least 2 hours. The Fortress is accessible by all means of transport. Boat trip on the Elbe River is extremely romantic. You can take a historic paddle steamer operated by the company of "Saská parní plavba".

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Königstein Fortress (Pevnost Königstein, Festung Königstein)

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