Krásná Lípa

Krásná Lípa, a town with a long textile tradition, lies in the shallow valley of the upper reaches of the little Křinice river on the border between Bohemian Switzerland and the Lusatian Mountains.

Its dominant landmark is the 18th-century Baroque Church of St. Mary Magdalene, with its monumental entrance staircase.

The history of the town dates to the 14th century, when the nearby Krásný Buk castle was abandoned. The Kinský family supported the development of crafts here from the early 17th century. Factories making linen, later stockings, were built. In the 19th and early 20th century it was an important centre of textile production and trade. It fell into considerable decline after the original German inhabitants moved out after 1945, with the town’s population falling to roughly half.

The popular tourist destinations of Kyjov, Sněžná and Vlčí Hora lie at the gateway to the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. There has been a significant boost in tourist infrastructure in recent years. The life of the town now centres around the development of tourism in the Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland region. The town is home to the Bohemian Switzerland National Park Administration.

From Krásná Lípa square, whose original appearance has been greatly altered, follow the once famous hiking trails between the cottages to Kamenná Horka or Sněžná and then on into the quiet beech woods. From there, follow the Lusatian Fault down into the gorges of Bohemian Switzerland, into the endless world of rocks stretching as far as the Elbe...

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