Křížový vrch

Křížový vrch is one of the most popular rock areas in Broumovsko, towering opposite Adršpach Rocks. This is particularly true in the spring, when there is still often snow in Adršpach Rocks and the walls on Křížový vrch are already warmed by the sun. The majority of the climbs here are wall ascents. Křížový vrch is divided up into three circuits: the Křížový hřeben ridge, the Southern Towers and the Zdoňov Arc. The most recent climbing guide (Publisher JUKO, 2012) describes 219 towers and around 1,500 routes and variations.

Křížový vrch has been a nature reserve since 1956. In some circuits climbing is restricted here every year while certain protected species of birds are nesting. Please check these restrictions, which are announced by the Broumovsko Protected Landscape Area and marked with signs.

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Křížový vrch

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