Monastery in Police nad Metují

According to the Břevnov monastery tradition, in the early 13th century Abbot Kuno sent the Rajhrad monk Juryk (or Jurik) to what is now Police nad Metují, where he built a hermitage. The monastery obituaries state that Juryk died in 1209; his place was taken by the Břevnov deacon Vitalis, who, with several of the brothers at the hermitage, built a wooden Chapel of the Virgin Mary in 1213. The same year Abbot Kuno made a plea to King Přemysl Otakar I, asking him to donate that territory. The existence of the Police provosthood was also confirmed in 1296 by Pope Boniface VIII. The Břevnov abbots soon began to strive to have the strategically-situated Broumov basin annexed to the Police territory.

The monastery Church of the Virgin Mary was evidently built while Martin I was abbot. It also includes an outstanding Early Gothic portal. Great attention was given to the Police monastery at the end of the 13th century by Abbot Bavor of Nečtiny, for which he obtained several manuscripts (e.g. The Life of the Fathers) and other works of art – including a large painting on wood and carpets. He also started work on the construction of stone buildings, erecting a dormitory and refectory; the third part of the cloister with living quarters for the provost was also built. In addition, the construction of the church was completed. 

The Police monastery gradually declined in importance after the establishment of the monastery in Broumov. However, their destinies were linked. During the battles for the Bohemian throne in the second half of the 15th century, in 1469 both monasteries, Broumov and Police, were occupied by the troops of Hauptmann František of Háj, who was fighting for Matyáš Korvín. The monastery in Broumov, together with the Police provosthood, was later pledged by King Vladislaus II of Hungary to Henry I, Duke of Münsterberg-Oels, son of George of Poděbrady. In 1499 a privilege was granted by King Vladislaus, according to which the estates of neither the Broumov nor the Police monasteries were to be pledged in the future.

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Monastery in Police nad Metují
Komenského nám. 1, 549 54 Police nad Metují

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