ozkov Dolomite Caves

BBozkov Dolomite Caves are a popular destination for tourists and are one of the most visited attractions in the Bohemian Paradise. At present, extending more than 1 000 metres, these caves form the biggest known cave system in northeastern Bohemia. They are characterised by their abundant quartz benches, ledges and mouldings, but also include stalactites and sinter features. The high point of the visitor tour is the water, comprising small lagoons and, at the end, the biggest underground lake in Bohemia, with crystal-clear blue-green water.

The caves were formed over hundreds of thousands of years through the slow and gradual dissolution of the Palaeozoic calcareous dolomite. However, the development of underground karst shapes was limited by the size and bulk of the relatively small dolomite lens, which is bounded by impermeable shale rocks (phyllites) and is part of a discontinuous band of karst rocks stretching through the Podkrkonoší region roughly west-east. In the Quaternary period some of the underground spaces created earlier were filled with deposits of sediment from the surface. This was also when the current stalactites began to form.

The underground caves in Bozkov were discovered quite by accident when blasting in a small dolomite quarry in 1947. The caves have been open to the public since 1968 and were declared a national natural monument in 1999.

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ozkov Dolomite Caves
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