Police nad Metují

The historical heart of this town is an urban conservation zone. Police became a town on 6th September 1253, when King Přemysl Otakar II issued a deed transferring the right to hold markets from Provodov to Police. Police nad Metují is the oldest of the towns and villages on the Broumov promontory. Police was where the Benedictines originally settled and from where they colonised the region. All the other towns in the Náchod district (Náchod, Broumov, Hronov, etc.) were not established until later. In 1253 work also started on the construction of an impressive Early Gothic church, completed in 1294. The main feature preserved from the original church is the valuable portal. In the first half of the 13th century work began to build a monastery, around which the little town of Police and several other villages sprang up. The monastery was completed in 1306.

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Police nad Metují
Police nad Metují, 549 54

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