Prachovské skály – Prachov Rocks

A good place to start a tour of Prachov Rocks is Jičín, an ancient town with a beautifully preserved central square and a good many historical monuments. From there it is around 6 km to Prachov Rocks, heading towards Sobotka, turning off through Holín and Prachov village to the two car parks by the starts of the circuits.

The small circuit passes through a narrow crack in the rock, just 35 cm wide, from where the route rises up to the two most well-known viewpoints; return via Císařská chodba between the massive blocks of rock. A tour of this circuit can take around 45 minutes. The large circuit takes you around seven viewpoints, with visitors several times having to climb steps carved into the rock and squeezing through narrow cracks between huge boulders. This circuit is 3.5 km long and can take up to 2.5 hours.

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Prachovské skály – Prachov Rocks

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