Riegr Trail

This nature trail through the Jizera valley leads through the Gallery natural monument and the Jizera Valley nature reserve and Bítouchov.

Route length: 5 km

Route itinerary: Semily – Bítouchov – Jizera Valley – Podspálov

Description of route: The original nature trail through the state Jizera Valley nature reserve was opened in October 1983. The trail follows the red-marked Riegr Trail footpath and can be walked in both directions. The information boards along the route provide visitors with basic details of the natural riches and history of the reserve. A new nature trail along the Riegr Trail between Semily and Spálov was opened to the public on 9th October 2008. The new nature trail contains a total of 15 stops, dedicated to nature conservation, fauna and flora, geology, tourism and technical attractions in the valley. The information panels, containing texts in Czech and English, are accompanied by illustrative pictures and photographs.

One interesting attraction on the trail is the 77 metre-long suspended gallery built 5.5 metres above the original level of the river.

Another non-traditional building is the hydroelectric power plant in Spálov. The water is fed to the turbine down a tunnel 1.300 metres long, carved into the rock.

If you want to return to Semily by a different route, you can follow the red markers through Spálov to the Morava crossroads and then the yellow markers along the Kamenice Trail to Semily. The route takes you past several viewpoints, offering a beautiful view of the Jizera River and its valley.


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Riegr Trail
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