Ruins of Adršpach castle (Starozámecký vrch)

Standing on the northwestern edge of Adršpach Rocks, on Starozámecký vrch hill (681 m a.s.l.), are the remains of the Adršpach rock castle, apparently built in the middle of the 13th century. 

Besides the outer bailey, Adršpach castle was made up of two other parts. The southern part consisted of a square building, the first floor of which opened onto the rock, while the eastern part comprised a single tower-like building on another otherwise inaccessible rock. Between the rock and the eastern castle there is still a broad ditch with two high rocks, which served as the pillars for bridges. However, very little of the castle has been preserved. All that remain of the timbered wooden buildings are two niches cut into the rock blocks, as well as part of the defensive walls, the outer masonry of the dwellings and the gable walls, while on the ground we can see the remains of the well, the cellars and, in front of the castle, the remnants of a double rampart and ditch.

It is still not exactly clear when the castle was built, although it is estimated that it was sometime during the second half of the thirteenth century under the reign of King Ottokar II of Bohemia. The castle is mentioned by Charles IV in his Majestas Carolina. In 1381 the castle was held by Hynek of Náchod, whose descendants were on the side of the Catholics during the Hussite Wars, and so in 1430 the castle was occupied by the Hussites. In 1436 Adršpach castle was returned to the lords of Dubá. The castle didn’t last for long, as raids were sent out against the Slezany, who later bought Adršpach castle in 1447 and had it torn down.

Nowadays the castle is freely accessible. Starting from the car park in front of the entrance to the rock town, first follow the red markers past Adršpach Chateau and the Umlauf farmstead; at the footpath crossroads turn left and follow the yellow markers up to Starozámecký vrch hill. After this steep ascent you will be rewarded with one of the most beautiful views of the western part of Adršpach Rocks. In the foreground you can see the rocks in what is known as the Kingdom; somewhat further back you can see other rocks in the Entrance Circuit and around Za Pískovnou, which is almost the eastern edge of the rock town.

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Ruins of Adršpach castle (Starozámecký vrch)

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