Ruins of the "Skály" Castle (zřícenina hradu Skály)

The "Skály" castle was built at the end of the 14th century in the rock labyrinth in such a manner that the rocks became part of its fortifications. In addition to that, the fortifications were even more reinforced by a stone wall in the north which, along with the adjacent cistern, formed the outer ward of the castle. Moreover, the castle was protected by a moat and a square-shaped rampart. The castle also included a masonry building of which just small parts have been preserved up to these days. Also, rooms cut out in sandstone blocks, the staircase and the best preserved room with a cylindrical vault  adjacent to a sandstone block under the staircase leading to the top of the block are well visible today. The top of the ruin is provided with an observation platform with an astonishing view.

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Ruins of the "Skály" Castle (zřícenina hradu Skály)

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