Rysí kámen (Lynx Stone)

In times long past Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland was home to predators such as the wolf and lynx. Over the centuries, however, they were systematically hunted and practically wiped out in this region. On the Bohemian-Saxony border at Velký kozí důl you can visit a place where the relief of a lynx is carved into a sandstone boulder, with an inscription describing how the lynx was shot. Johan Gottfried Puttrich, the royal forester from Hinterhermsdorf, shot one of the region’s last lynxes around here in 1743. He shot it using a baited crossbow, which shot the bolt when the lynx touched the bait. Puttrich had this incident carved into the sandstone boulder.

Lynx Stone can be reached following the green-marked route from Mezní Louka through the former village of Zadní Jetřichovice and on via the German side towards Zeughaus.

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Rysí kámen (Lynx Stone)
Mezní Louka

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