Suché skály rocks

This attractive sandstone ridge rises high above the forests and from a distance is reminiscent of an organ or a dragon’s back. It forms the characteristic silhouette of the Malá Skála landscape.

Suché skály rocks used to be called the Cantor’s Organ; nowadays they are also known as the Bohemian Dolomites. The stone backdrop is the result of shifting in the crust, when the bottom layer of sandstone was lifted up and partly turned perpendicular to the earth's surface. This is a unique geomorphological site, with nothing else like it in the country. Suché skály rocks are popular with climbers. They are broken up into some 20 towers – Main, Falcon, and others. In 1965 Suché skály rocks were declared a national natural monument.

Position: Suché skály rocks are situated some 3 km from Malá Skála and 2 km from Líšný.

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Suché skály rocks
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