Supí skály

The partially separate ridge of Supí skály also forms part of Teplice Rocks. To the west they start with Čáp hill, which is the highest point of Adršpach-Teplice Rocks. At the summit (786 m a.s.l.), reached by following the green markers, there is a lookout tower with a stunning panoramic view. The first tower in this climbing area can be found by the lookout tower. Other rocks rise towards the east all the way along the ridge of Supí skály and the southern and northern slopes are furrowed with short, steep ravines. The first tower, the Bishop, was climbed in 1936 by the local (Teplice nad Metují) Sudeten climbers Dewerner, Bock and Bittner. Most of the climbs here are wall ascents, the vast majority of which are on solid rock with frequent iron incrustations. The most recent climbing guide (Publisher JUKO, 2011) describes 115 towers here. There are another 70 towers in the New World area, i.e. in the deep canyon linking Supí skály to the Entrance Gorge of Teplice Rocks.

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Supí skály

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