Sychrov chateau

The original Baroque chateau of Sychrov was renovated in the neo-classic and neo-gothic style. Its romantic look comes in particular from Josef Pruvota, royal architect.

Sychrov state chateau is one of the most visited places in our region and often sought after by film makers to make film fairy tales here. It is open to the public throughout the year.

The originally single-storey Baroque chateau later underwent Classicist and Gothic Revival reconstructions. It gained its romantic appearance mostly thanks to architect Josef Pruvot. The walls of the chateau are decorated with extremely precious oil paintings of ancestors of the Rohan family and French kings. The biggest collection of French portrait paintings, a collection of weaponry and the memorial hall of A. Dvořak are located in the chateau. Most of the rooms are also unique due to their rich carved wooden embellishments. The chambers of the chateau feature original furniture, paintings and other accessories.

Exhibitions and other events, for example, night tours, are regularly held at Sychrov. Also the larger English park, where you can see attractive spectacles of free flying raptors accompanied by expert commentary by a professional falconer on the history and present of falconry in our country and around the world, is worth a visit.

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Sychrov chateau
Sychrov 1, 463 44 Sychrov
Tel.: +420 482 416 011

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