The sandstone rock labyrinths in the Czech Republic

The sandstone rock labyrinths in the Czech Republic are quite unique not only for their beauty and geomorphology but also for their unparalleled density in which they appear in the Czech landscape. The whole area of north and north-east Bohemia interwoven with sandstone rock labyrinths, with sometimes rather mysterious castles, with distinctive round-topped mountains of volcanic origin offering breathtaking views of surrounding countryside ranging from the Krušné Hory Mountains and Mount Ještěd up to the Krkonoše and Orlické Hory Mountains and from Prague up to the Highlands located in the geographical centre of the Czech Republic, flown around by the Elbe River on its three sides, is extraordinarily attractive for tourists and hikers and unrivalled as for its diversity not only in the Czech Republic but also in the whole of Europe. The folk architecture that has been well preserved up to the present days, lookout towers (some of them very old), vantage points spread randomly about the country, narrow local roads and railroads lining the rock labyrinths amplify the impression of uniqueness even more.

The best known ones are "České Šýcarsko" (Czech Switzerland) – a large area of sandstone rocks, canyons and gorges located in the northwest part of the Czech Republic extending up to neighbouring Saxony (Germany), "Český ráj" (Czech Paradise) located northeasterly of Prague and, last but not least, vast rock labyrinths in "Broumovsko" (the vicinity of the town of Broumov) in east Bohemia which are freely connected with the area of "Park Narodowy Gór Stołowych"("Table Mountains National Park") just across the border in Poland.

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Broumovský klášter