Tiské Walls (Tiské stěny)

Tiské Walls (Tiské stěny) is a sandstone rock labyrinth near the village of Tisá in the Ústí nad Labem District. The labyrinth is unique as for its size and diversity of its rock formations. The labyrinth includes sandstone spires towering up to 70 metres. The highest point in the Tiské Walls reaches 613 metres above sea level. The Tiské Walls offer two marked loops through the so-called "Small Walls" (Malé stěny) and "Big Walls" (Velké stěny). Hikers are required to stay on the marked pathways only. In summer reason, there is a small entrance fee to be paid here.

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Tiské Walls (Tiské stěny)
Tisá 205, 403 36 Tisá
Tel.: +420 475 222 440

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