Tiské Walls (Tiské stěny) and Děčínský Sněžník

Tiské Walls (Tiské stěny) is located at the elevation of 600 metres near the ridge of the Krušné Hory Mountains. This not very large rock labyrinth can comfortably be walked through (from the tourist chalet at its eastern edge) in 1.5 or 2 hours (the distance is approx. 4 kilometres depending on the number of lookouts visited). The nature trail through the so-called Big and Small Walls (Malé a Velké stěny) will surprise you by a number of narrow passageways, overhangs, holes, rock gates and spires. The nature trail is very suitable for parents with children. You can get back following the red-marked trail leading along the top of the walls offering beautiful views of the Czech Basin Mountain Range (České středohoří). The Tiské Walls is accessible from the village of Tisá or from the tourist chalet. There is an entrance fee in summer season.

In the nearby village of Sněžník (parking lot near the Border Chalet - Hraniční bouda) on the deforested mountain plateau is a starting point to another rock labyrinth located one "storey" higher than the previous ones, i.e. on the Děčínský Sněžník Plateau.  It is easily accessible as there is a paved trail leading there. From the edges of the plateau, you can enjoy wide views of the Saxon Switzerland, Dresden, the Czech Basin Mountain Range (České středohoří), the Lužické Hory Mountains and the Krkonoše Mountains. One of the most beautiful vistas in the northern part of Bohemia can even be enhanced by climbing a lookout tower that dates back to 1864. The round trip from the parking lot is about 4 kilometres long.

Following well-marked trails from the Tiské Walls, you can also visit Rájecké and Ostrovské Rock Labyrinths (Rájecké skály and Ostrovské skály) on the Saxony border. In Bielatal (Germany) you can admire the so-called "Hercules Columns" - ones of the best-formed sandstone spires in the region.

Route:  Tisá - Ostrov - Děčínský Sněžník - Jílové

Route Description:  From the village of Tisá, follow the red-marked trail leading to the Tiské Walls (Tiské stěny). This trail continues on the tops of the rocks up to the tourist chalet and further through a wooded valley surrounded with rocks past Ox Boulders (Volské kameny) to the town of Ostrov. The route climbs to the plateau along the edge of the Ostrovské Rocks (Ostrovské skály). In winter, there is a number of well-marked tracks for cross-country skiers in the area. Continue across the wood and across the meadow up to the village of Sněžník (Border Chalet - Hraniční bouda). From here, the narrow road climbs up to the lookout tower on Děčínský Sněžník. In the middle of the route, the red-marked trail angles to the right but it is better to continue the climb along the road and to stop at the Dresden Lookout offering views of the table mountains in Germany. The following section of the route winds its way on a flat terrain up to the lookout tower on Dečínský Sněžník which offers a beautiful 360-degree view. From the lookout tower, follow the red- and green-marked trails at the edge of the rocks as far as an angle from which the red-marked trail steeply descends to the road at the village of Jílové across the southern part of the village of Sněžník. Here, not far away from the local manor house, you can find the "Jílové-náměstí" bus stop.

Length:  14.5 km

Time:  5 hours

Demandingness:  Medium

Starting Point:  Tisá (bus)

Ending Point:  Jílové (bus)

Transportation:  Bus

Sites of interest en route:

-  Tisá Rock Labyrinth (Skalní město Tisá)

-  Ox Boulders (Volské kameny) and Ostrovské Rocks (Ostrovské skály)

-  "Forgotten Borderland" Nature Trail (naučná stezka Zapomenuté pohraničí)

-  Lookout tower on Děčínský Sněžník

-  Manor House in Jílové

Useful Information: There is no direct bus connection from Děčín to Tisá, you will have to change. From the Děčín main train station, take bus line No. 432 going to terminus in Libouchec. Here, change  bus to 452 for Tisá (bus line from Úštěk to Bahratal). To return from Jílové back to Děčín take the above-mentioned bus line 432.

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