Turnov is situated on the northern edge of the Bohemian Paradise, in the Turnov Uplands. It lies in a valley where the Stebenk and Libuňka meet the River Jizera. The town was founded in the mid-13th century by Jaroslav and Havel from the Markvartic family. Its history is linked with some prominent aristocratic families who began to build their residences in the area, such as Valdštejn castle and Hrubý Rohozec chateau. The town gradually grew to become a centre of trade and crafts. Cutting precious stones and the unique Czech garnet jewellery have made Turnov famous all over the world. In 1884 a jewellery-making school was established here, the only one of its kind in Europe. A unique opportunity to get to know Turnov and the region as a whole is offered by the District Museum of the Bohemian Paradise. Turnov is considered the centre of the Bohemian Paradise. Nearby there are a great many natural monuments and historical places of interest - rock towns, caves, castles, chateaus and folk architecture. Turnov is the starting point for lots of hiking and biking trails. The River Jizera flows through the town.

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