Valdická brána (tower)

The Valdická Brána - Valdice Gate is a Renaissance structure that was built between 1568 and 1578 as a part of the town fortification. The highest storey, in the late Baroque style, dates from 1768; the upper part of the tower with a gallery and a tent-shaped roof was built in 1840. It is a typical dominant feature of the town silhouette.

The tower is 52 metres high and - having climbed up 156 steps - vistas are offered from the gallery elevated 32 metres. In good weather, from this only preserved part of the medieval fortification of the town of Jičín, you can observe its wide surroundings, from Zvičina via the Krkonoše, Kozákov to Ještěd.

During the tourist season, the premises are used for exhibitions, concerts and performances of a local bell-ringer.

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Valdická brána (tower)
Valdštejnovo náměstí Jičín, 506 01
Tel.: +420 737 345 225

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