Vlčí hora lookout tower

This brick lookout tower, situated at a height above sea level of 581 m, with 82 steps, is the oldest lookout tower in the Šluknov Hook. In 1909 a roof was placed over the lookout platform with its battlements, increasing the height of the lookout tower to its current 16 m.

In 1996–1999 the tower underwent general reconstruction and was reopened 110 years after it was established, on 22nd May 1999. Since then the tower has belonged to the town of Krásná Lípa, which has leased it to the local Czech Tourist Club. The neighbouring chalet is still privately owned, so the only place for visitors to sit is on the tables and benches on the small platform in front of the tower.

From the covered viewing platform there opens a gorgeous view of the landscape far and wide. Rising to the south is the unbroken ridge of the Lusatian Mountains with the distinctive peaks of Lausche, Jedlová and Studenec, while to the southwest lies the rolling wooded landscape of Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland with Růžovský vrch, Děčínský Sněžník and the table mountains in Germany. Looking to the north are the peaks of the Lusatian Highlands and Upper Lusatia, while to the east in clear weather you can see across the Zittau basin to the distant ridges of Ještěd, the Jizera Mountains the Krkonoše.

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Vlčí hora lookout tower
Vlčí hora

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