Broumov and Vicinity

The Broumov area in east Bohemia surrounded by a wreath of the Javoří Hory Mountains, Table Mountains (Stolové hory) and the Jestřebí Hory Mountains is a picturesque landscape with patches of wild scenery known before all for its vast rock labyrinths and for its unique church architecture.  Centuries-old colonization, farming and land use gave rise to a very valuable area (both ecologically and esthetically) within the whole Czech Republic. The countryside with woods and small fields combined with farms and homes, with country roads lined with trees, groves and small structures is interwoven with creeks and decorated with groups of standing rocks in mysterious rock labyrinths and table mountains such as Ostaš, Bor and Hejšovina (Skalniak and Szczeliniec) towering high above the countryside as sentinels.   

The Adršpach Rocks (Adršpašské skály) and Broumov Walls (Broumovské stěny), the former known for the large rock labyrinth, the latter for astonishing rock formations are the most valuable natural wonders of the local landscape. These rock areas also include sites where rare species of flora and fauna occur due to the specific sandstone relief and inverted climate in deep and narrow gorges. These two sites (Adršpach Rocks and Broumov Walls) are not by a long way the only natural jewels in the area. There are hundreds of sites here where occurrence of rare and vulnerable species, diverse biotopes and breathtaking creations of inanimate nature are found. The importance of some of the sites is reflected in the fact that they have been declared especially protected natural monuments and sites of the Natura 2000 System.

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