The Adrspach-Teplice Rocks, Ostaš, Broumovské stěny are just a more famous part of the natural treasures, located in this forgotten corner of the Czech Republic.

Český ráj

UNESCO Geopark. Rock towns full of ravines, trails, towers and sightseeing platforms, here and there castles and chateaux, stones of precious stones and fairy tales full of valiant knights, beautiful princesses and bearded robbers. A harmonious landscape offering a unique blend of natural beauty and historical sights.

České Švýcarsko

The harmony of silence, virgin nature and historical discovery offers scenic landscapes, romantic sandstone rocks, mysterious rock towers and untouched nature lining the canyon of the Elbe, just before it leaves the borders of our country.

Broumovsko Český ráj České Švýcarsko

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